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Pressures of Life 2020
Todays world presents us with so many challengers and around every corner appears to be another hill to climb , in todays technical fast moving world we have lost the ability to relax and forgotten how to recharge our battery’s for the next challenge which will come our way...

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Limiting Beliefs - Phobias and Anxiety

Limiting beliefs are a set of beliefs that sabotage us from making positive changes within our lives, and they often run in our un-conscious minds so that we are not always aware of them. These issues form blockages within our spiritual energy paths; thes...

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Anxiety Problems

It is really important to comprehend and understand that there is help to get you back to a happy, balanced life again.

There are many types of Anxiety Problems that we may face within our lives and all of these have slightly differing effects , many Anxiety Problems , can c...

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Men, who are in danger of issues created with what is known as then Mid-Life-Crisis, can become isolated and often they do not feel they can talk openly about their problems. As industry changes many of the older traditional industries are in decline and ...

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Anxiety , Problems and Issues
In modern day life, at some point, we all have feelings of what we might call stress. Sometimes these feelings can escalate into Anxiety Disorders and feelings of loss of control of key parts of your life. Some stress can be positive in motivating you to achieve cha...

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Hi , its a pleasure to welcome you to my website , I would like you to read the following Free Index review , and testimonial from one of my clients Lucy , I also want to thank you Lucy for your kind words and sharing your story , it was a pleasure to help you , respectfully Martin David
“ I ...

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Social Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder , or social phobia , is actually one of the most common anxiety disorders , and if you have it, it’s not the end of the world , There is hope , However the tough part of suffering from this is that it is not always easy to ask for help. So how do y...

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Hi , its a pleasure to welcome you to my website , I would like you to read the following Google Review , and testimonial from one of my clients , I also want to thank you Amanda for your kind words , and sharing your story , it was a pleasure to help you , respectfully Martin David
“Hi my name...

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Men’s Anxiety

Men’s issues are becoming more of a problem , recently it has been well documented that the suicide rate in men has been rising and is still on the increase. People have cited mental illnesses like Social Anxiety, Depression and many other presenting issues that might cause an indi...

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3 months ago
I went for my first Reiki session with Martin recently after becoming interested in energy healing. I am a born worrier and often find negative thoughts creeping in and overwhelming me. I have no doubt that I experienced some kind of energy shift and a release of bottled up tension and fear. Martin was very good at explaining the nature of energy and how it flows around the body. He put me at ease right away and made me feel very relaxed. Since my treatment I have felt very positive and able to enjoy life in the present rather than worrying and focusing too much on the future. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to take a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. The body has the ability to balance and heal itself and Martin is a fantastic facilitator of this process. It's not necessary to see it to believe it, you can feel it. Thank you Martin.
- Lucy S
9 months ago
It's a pleasure to post my review on Martin David.My name is Jonathan and my story begins 5 years ago when my dad passed away .This resulted in my mum housebound with self pity and loneliness.Unfortunately things didn't end there as over the next few years I saw her engulfed with Alzheimer's disease.Alzheimer's is an irreversible,progressive brain disorder that slowly but surely destroys the ability to think and carry out the simplest tasks.This has been the saddest sight I could ever have imagined to happen to my mum with the inevitable ending,with sad days yet to come.The guilt I personally carried that I wasn't doing enough to help,the situation was taking a massive toll on my life .I didn't fully appreciate how much until I was introduced to Martin.So ,I opened up my mind took the plunge and I can only describe the experience as life changing.During the Reiki treatment Martin explained my Chakras,or energy centres to my untrained mind ,were blocked.One treatment later I walked ...
- Jonathan W
11 months ago
Hi my name is Glenn from Sheffield , I am a 33 years old , married man with 3 wonderful beautiful children. It’s a pleasure to share my story with you , I am a manager in charge of 33 highly skilled staff involved in a technical engineering environment. I recently felt so unwell , I couldn’t function, I was having a mental breakdown , I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with depression which knocked me for 6. Once I accepted the fact I was mentally ill , which was such a massive hill to climb , I am a man , a proud upstanding man to be diagnosed with depression was making matters even worse . I needed to find help fast .. I have a home and a family to support . Then a very good friend of mine recommended I should go to see Martin David . I can honestly say I was sceptical at first but now I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I had from Martin David and how I feel now. It’s absolutely amazing , I personally had an experience I won’t forget but also too hard to describe,...
- Glenn P

Reiki Treatment

Often people talk about an almost overwhelming feeling of wellbeing and peace following a Reiki treatment session. Whilst some seek other types of therapy Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It can also be used and administered in association with other treatments that are being administered by medical practitioners.

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